Multisection Hybrid Swimbait

Multisection Hybrid Swimbait

Mard Reap Multisection Hybrid Swimbaits

Since our Hybrid Swimbait has already been copied many times, we have come up with something completely new.

The Multisecion Hybrid Swimbait has a completely different running behavior compared to our Hybrid Swimbait and with a diving depth of 0.3 to 1m it is a "must-have" for every Mard Reap fan.

A catching machine when the fish are shallow or you want to fish in shallow water zones.

The appearance, swimming behavior and materials used make Mard Reap Swimbait unique. Just try it, the result speaks for itself.

Only a Mard Reap is a Mard Reap!

Just catch and repeat!

Size - 26cm -
Weight - ~110g -
Speed - 2 - 5 km/h -
Diving depth - 0.3 - 1 m (with 30 m cord) -
The Mard Reap Hybrid Swimbait is made of TPE and can be stored together with all Mard Reap products but please never in direct contact with rubbers of other manufacturers that are made of Plastisol PVC!

The color tone and glitter flakes may vary slightly from the picture. The rubber may occasionally have flow lines or small dents (sink marks) during production.
Only while stocks last.