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Extreme durable rubber!

Mard Reap baits are almost as durable as a hardbait, but with the properties of a softbait.

The ultra-durable rubber has enormous cut and tear resistance.
The material of all Mard Reap swimbaits is a special elastomer that is free from toxic plasticizers and PVC plastisol. It hardly cuts through the teeth of predatory fish and lasts dozens of times longer than conventional rubber fish material.

Despite this, we recommend using the bait only for “normal” fishing purposes.

Environmentally friendly

Mard Reap baits are almost as durable as a hardbait, but with the properties of a softbait.

The materials are free from toxic plasticizers, phthalates, lead and PVC. Enormous durability and the materials used contribute to greater environmental friendliness.

Our baits are completely made in Austria. Short transport routes and production in Austria help to achieve a better CO2 balance.

Excellent catch results

Products by Fischer for fishermen with a head and passion.

Additional Information

Information on storage of the lures

Mard Reap lures are almost as durable as a hardbait, but with the properties of a softbait.

The rubbers can be stored one below the other. They don’t rub off on each other.

Please do not store with rubber baits from other manufacturers! The plasticizers that emerge from the PVC rubber baits dissolve the Mard Reap elastomer plastic!

It is best to store the baits in the original blister packaging or in a box / box that is big enough. The bait must not be stored kinked. We recommend a box without intermediate compartments or a large bait box with 4 or 2 compartments. A common household storage box, bucket or lure bucket is also suitable. The storage box does not have to be a special plastic like other products.

Never store in a very hot environment. For example: black bait boxes in direct sunlight, storage in closed containers in a very hot car or boat (under the tarpaulin), etc. Incorrect storage can lead to deformation of the rubber

Diving depth

This information is always difficult to provide. This depends on the length of the line to the bait and the line thickness.

The specifications for the hybrid swimbaits
3m (19cm swimbait),
5m (26cm swimbait) and
8m (34cm swimbait)
are specified with a setup of 20 meters of fluorocarbon leader in 0.45 mm and a knotted, braided 0.25 mm cord on a length of 30 m.
Braided lines create more resistance in the water, but can be chosen thinner than monofilament lines. Less line length also means less running depth. Line lengths over 50 meters cause a strong buoyancy of the line due to the forward movement and the bait only runs a little deeper because the line makes a bow in the water. This mainly applies to bait with a diving lip.


The Fella Deluxe Shads do not have a diving shovel and can be fished at almost any depth. By changing the speed and the length of the line, the running depth of the lure also changes.

As a guideline, we can state the following.

Fella Deluxe Shad 23cm

speedflucocarbon 0,45diving depth

Fella Deluxe Shad 18cm

speedflucarbon 0,45diving depth

If the bait is deformed by heat, you can try using heat to get it back into shape. But this should only be an absolute stopgap solution.

DANGER!! At your own risk – work very carefully – only heat the rubber, never the hard head.
Otherwise the air in the head will expand and damage it!

Warm the rubber thoroughly with a heat gun or hot water!
Heating the rubber takes some time and of course depends on the bait size and thickness. It must be heated through and through to at least 50ºC. Then hang straight or soak in cold water.

If the head is detached from a hybrid swimbait, it can easily be glued back on with superglue. This works very well. Please use only a little glue.
If the bait feels sticky after the emergency operation, a little powder will help. 😉


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